Technologies of Architecture

This Research Group (RG), coordinated by Prof. Alberto Reaes Pinto, contains 4 Research Lines according to a specific theme, of which Research Projects are a part: RL 1: Sustainable Construction, RL 2: Heritage, RLI 3: Color in Architecture and RLI 4: Light in Architecture.

These Lines of research will constitute, through their articulation, a set of basic knowledge that allow achieving more consistent results in the investigation and articulation of action of the research groups that comprise the CITAD.

These research areas include, among others, the knowledge and study of materials whose choice should fall on the principles of sustainable construction, rehabilitation of built heritage, energetic efficiency, the study of color and light in architecture. These different areas of research, which are within the scope of which the researchers of this Group have been developing in the period 2013-2017.

During this period the researchers contributed to the results within the context of this four research lines ranging, prominently, from:

  • Publications in international scientific journals
  • Publications in proceedings of international and national conferences
  • Communications at international and national conferences
  • Books
  • Book chapters (international and national publications)
  • Organization of conferences and seminars

Keywords: Technology Sustainable Construction Heritage Rehabilitation

The purpose of this Research Group has been to research in various areas related to building technology and the environment, built from the perspective of sustainable construction, which require that the built heritage be the result of an integrated and sustainable vision. These research areas include, among others, the knowledge and study of materials whose choice must fall on the principles of sustainable construction, rehabilitation of built heritage, energy efficiency and the study of color and light in architecture.

The RG is divided into four Research Lines (RL):
RL1: Sustainable Construction

Responsible: Alberto Cruz Reaes Pinto
Brief description: Knowledge of the materials and technologies of its application, energy efficiency and waste reduction, within the principles of Sustainable Construction, is essential to minimize negative environmental impacts resulting from the building industry. This RL contains research projects related to the construction and operation of buildings.

RL2: Heritage

Responsible: Alberto Cruz Reaes Pinto
Brief description: With the construction of new dweeling blocked, as a result of having built at a much higher rate than the market could absorb, the rehabilitation of the built environment is a very significant potential market. This RL includes the rehabilitation of the built heritage in order to transmit it without problems to the coming generations and within the principles of Sustainable Development.

RL3: Color in Architecture

Responsible: Cristina Caramelo Gomes
Brief description: The Laboratory of Color aims to provide scientific responses to projects on color in various areas, disseminate knowledge of the research carried out and promote its application in the field of science, architecture and design, in close connection with other universities, with companies and with civil society in general. The research team of the "Junqueira Street" study project has been developing its activity in the last 15 years in the analysis of the relationship between color, architecture and intervention technologies in the rehabilitation processes of the built heritage and the projects of ongoing research are within this scope.

RL4: The Light in Architecture

Responsible: Samuel Roda Fernandes
Brief description: The Laboratory of Light is a platform of open cooperation between institutional leaders, researchers, technicians, artists and the academic community, aiming at an objective qualification of the various fields in the field. The project consists of mapping, interpreting, drawing, revealing and solving challenges that range from the design and perception of small objects, to theatrical and cinematographic scenography to the urban and non-urban landscape, highlighting its nocturnal expression, where art and sustainability are the touchstones.

# Name Coordinated by
RP 7          CO-evolute Alberto Cruz Reaes Pinto e Bruno João Simões Duarte Dias
RP 8 Estuary of the Tagus and its Areas Ribeirinhas; sustainability strategy and development Maria de Fátima Silva
RP 9 Prefabricated modular housing Alberto Cruz Reaes Pinto
RP 10 Construction with plug-in blocks with materials with low carbon content Alberto Cruz Reaes Pinto
RP 11 Temporary shelters for post-disaster situations: reversible constructive solutions for pre-disaster planning strategies Artur Jorge Oliveira Feio
RP 12 The Forms of Architecture V/S Feelings of Sensory Mood Luis Miguel de Barros Moreira Pinto
RP 13 Help Color (integrated in the color lab) Cristina Caramelo Gomes
RP 14 Meeting in the Historic Centre of Santarém Alberto Cruz Reaes Pinto
RP 15 Identification and registration of permanent public urban lighting in Santa Maria and São Miguel - Sintra (Light Laboratory) Samuel Roda Fernandes
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